About Claudia Amaya

Claudia Amaya Fashion Designer grew up in the world of fashion in a very young age. It was Claudia’s mom who took her to a draping and sewing class, which changed her life forever. It was then when she knew she was destined to have a life stitch in Fashion Design. Claudia’s mother shortly after opened a trimming and fabric store which succeed for over two decades. This was Claudia’s introduction to work with patternmakers, seamstresses, and tailors. During that time, it gave Claudia the tremendous opportunity to learn the foundation of fashion and manufacturing. She started designing and making her own clothes since those days. Claudia eventually decided to pursue her dreams and move to New York City. It was there when enrolled at FIT Fashion Institute of Technology to continue her career. Additionally, she studied before at Fashion Industrial Apparel Design at IFES Istmo University Guatemala.

Claudia Amaya has worked for many Designer Brands in NYC who saw her dedication and talent. In 2017 based on her experience and her intense passion for fashion, she launched her own clothing line sold in title, based and made in New York City. Claudia Amaya has also been collaborating as a Costume Designer for some Movies and dressing some actresses for significant events.